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Title Intelligencer
Gender Male
Race Undead
Status Neither alive or dead
Location College's Temple in London
Appearances Amnesia: The Great Work

The Intelligencer is a monster from Amnesia: The Great Work.


It appears as a dark, cloaked figure with a wolf skull-like face. It also wields a dagger as its own weapon.

Hidden below the skull head is a humanoid face, to which the skull is fused.


Much of the information regarding the Intelligencers is murky and difficult to learn. They're known to be former members of the Hartlib Circle, that is Theodore Haak, and Thomas Hull. They both were great scholars, polymaths and alchemists. During the events of "The Great Work", they pursue Charles constantly as he owns an asset that is crucial toward accomplishing their primary task - resurrecting their master, Johann Moriaen.

Once scholars of wisdom and men associated with knowledge, now only a brief shadow of who they once were. Both of them managed to acquire an elixir of immortality, extending their lifetimes greatly, albeit with a great price - unlike Samuel Hartlib, they didn't manage to preserve their original look, and throughout the years, their bodies became disfigured and damaged, forcing them to don a black robe and a wolf skull shaped mask.


  • During his adventures, Charles meets two Intelligencers: Theodore Haak, and Thomas Hull. Both of them roam in their abode in London, but they are also known to leave their temple from time to time if needed.
  • Though lore-wise there are two Intelligencers, there is only one base model for both cultists, with modified entities, different heights and a unique set of sounds for each. Haak's voice seems more raspy and aged and it's not tall as the player, while Hull's voice is notably deeper and more growling and it's larger and taller.